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Denver’s Hash-Off Pits Colorado’s Best Extraction Artists Against Each Other

Hash oil competitions are nothing new. There are so many Cannabis Cups and Emerald Cups and Secret Cups and Chalices that a concentrates company barely has time to make any concentrate. Different companies bring their best shatter and crumble to some fairgrounds and judges compare somebody’s sour diesel to somebody else’s headband, which isn’t exactly like comparing  apples to oranges, but kind of like comparing gala apples to granny smiths.

But now some blokes over in Denver decided to find a new way to compare extraction techniques. They put together the Hash-Off, a bake-off style competition where 16 local cannabis extractors were all given two pounds of the same weed strain and then left free to use any extraction method they wished and make the best concentrates they could.

The strain used, Toxic Kool Aid (a hybrid of the White and Amnesia Haze), was chosen because it was thought to even the playing field. “We wanted to find some flower that not a lot of teams had experience extracting," Hash-Off co-founder Jake Browne told Westword.

The Hash-Off also differentiates itself from some other competitions in that the most important prizes are scientifically objective. Entries into the race are judged primarily on lab results (top awards are for potency, terpenes, and yield. Secondary prizes will be awarded based on the votes of consumers who purchase Hash-Off boxes for $200 containing a quarter gram of each competing extract.

But the lab results are already back. Here are the results, as per Westword:

Potency (cannabinoids)

1. The Lab: 77.589 percent

2. Dabs Labs: 76.5 percent

3 TR Concentrates: 74.69 percent


1. Rockin' Extracts: 7.2 percent

2. Mahatma: 6 percent

3. Cannabis Maximus: 5.7 percent


1. The Lab

2. Yeti Farms

3. Bonfire Cannabis

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