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Legalizing Cannabis Is “A Racial Justice Issue,” Says ACLU Leader

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Legalizing recreational cannabis isn’t just an issue of making weed more available to consumers or increasing state tax profits, it’s “a racial justice issue and a civil rights crisis,” according to head of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey Amol Sinha.After accepting the position of state ACLU executive direct

Patients In Honolulu Can Have Legal Weed Or A Gun, But Not Both

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There is a little known, and rarely acted on, federal firearm law which says that cannabis users can’t own guns. The law makes no differentiation between legal and illegal cannabis users, which makes sense given that the federal government doesn’t acknowledge legal cannabis users.Usually, however, law enforcement agencies don’t go

Army Is Now Cool With Recruiting Potheads

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The United States Army is increasing the number of waivers it grants to potential recruits who used cannabis in their youth. In 2017, the Army granted more than 500 such waivers, as opposed to 191 last year. Three years ago, they didn’t grant a single one."Provided they understand that they cannot do that when they serve in the military, I wi

Utah Cops Telling People Weed Causes Erectile And Intellectual Disability

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Last we checked, the job of police officers was to enforce local law for the good of the community. But apparently some cops in Utah are working overtime, making it part of their duty to collect and present one-sided and blatantly untrue facts about cannabis health effects.In opposition to a possible medical cannabis legalization bill in the state,

Los Angeles Finalizes Cannabis Rules, For Now

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The country’s largest cannabis market has voted to license the sales and cultivation of recreational cannabis. The Los Angeles City Council voted to impose a series of regulations on Wednesday. The new rules will kick in as soon as Mayor Eric Garcetti signs them, as reported by The Associated Press.The new regulations adopted by the city don&

Sessions Mocks Interns For Advocating Legal Pot And Police Oversight In New Video

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News flash: Jeff Sessions is not into legal marijuana. Well, maybe that’s not that much news to anyone who follows cannabis or the Department of Justice. The Attorney General is still the same guy who said “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” that cannabis is “only slightly less awful than heroin,” and who has lo

California Now Accepting Extraction License Applications

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For those of you wanting to be real deal legit extraction artists, last Friday was a big day. December 8 was the first day that the state’s Department of Public Health began accepting, or even making available, licenses from the Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch (MCSB).These licenses, which you can apply for here, are good for 120 days, wit

Dabs and iPods Used In Study Of Cannabis And Driving Ability

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A new study on the effects of cannabis on motor skills is using the latest in weed technology and the earliest in mp3 technology. With dabs and iPods, a joint study by the University of Colorado Boulder and the Colorado State University Department of Health and Exercise Science is measuring the post-high driving abilities of your average dabber, as

Major Win For MMJ Employees In Massachusetts Makes New Ruling

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In a major victory for medical marijuana patients, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled on Monday that employers can no longer fire patients for using medical cannabis. The legal leverage for this rule was found in the state’s policies about discrimination against workers with disabilities, as reported by Leafly.In the ruling, Massa

Cops Are Forcing People To Eat Weed And Shutting Down Legal Pot Shops

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America’s finest. The boys in blue. Some of them are cool, but this week has seen two different news stories of law enforcement committing attacking the world of weed.In Phoenix, Arizona, one dude has just settled a lawsuit against the local po-po for allegedly making eat his own stash. Last September, Edgar Castro was caught with a small amo

Study Shows CBD May Treat Psychosis

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It turns out that CBD isn’t just good for epilepsy and making quick money online. A new English study shows that the second most famous compound in cannabis may also be useful in treating psychosis.Psychosis, in case you were wondering, is a symptom of several severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. It involves hallucinations, delusion

Why Is There Suddenly A Frenzy Over Pesticides In California Weed?

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Today on the newswire, a whole lot of news services picked up the Associated Press article, “Buyers beware: California cannabis sold Jan. 1 could be tainted,” and ran it. The same story ran in The Cannabist, the Press Democrat, and many others (ABC even ran their own riff on the headline, “Burners beware.” Get it?).The odd t

Could The End Of Net Neutrality Spell Trouble For Cannabis Businesses?

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In case your internet has suddenly gotten too slow to keep up with recent news, the FCC last week repealed net neutrality, a series of regulations which have long kept the small oligopoly of internet providers in this country from totally screwing over internet users by charging more for some content, slowing access to certain websites, and blockin

Mexico OK’s Import Of Medical Extracts, Edibles

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Things are about to get even hotter at the Mexican border, drug trafficking-wise. It’s not because the cartels are upping their monthly shipments (although, who knows, maybe). It’s because Mexico is about to start letting all kinds of weed-infused products come in from outside the country.Starting next year, the country will legalize th

Pregnant Women Are Increasing Their Use Of Cannabis

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The weed market may have found a new niche in the pregnant women category. This may be problematic, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that that marijuana by a mother could cause developmental problems and low birth weight for the unborn children, though the results are as yet inconclusive, but all that hasn’t stopped

Here’s A List Of What Stoners Googled Last Year

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Big brother is watching you, bro. He’s watching you as you search for things about weed. Why? We don’t know. But we do know that a quick look at Google trend charts by Polly Washburn of The Cannabist turned a whole mess of data on what kinds of cannabis-related search Americans made in 2017.We know, for instance, that Americans still us

Big Highs And Some Lows As California Legalizes Cannabis

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As of January 1, California went full cannabis legal. Anyone 21 and over can now legally possess up to a an ounce of marijuana, grow their own, and sell it in limited quantities, just so long as they have the right license. And maybe now California will be called “The Golden State” not for the rocks we dug up a couple hundred years ago,

Want To Go To Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Resort?

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Mark this down on your New Year’s Resolutions list: go to Mike Tyson’s getaway cannabis ranch. All you have to do is drive to the remote desert town of California City (a little over 100 miles from Los Angeles), wait for the Heavyweight Champion of the Moon to actually build and open the resort, and then pay an as yet unknown fee to get

Weed Is A Little Less Legal After New Memo From AG Jeff Sessions

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One step forward, two steps back. Just three days after the biggest legal cannabis market in the world opened in California, the federal government has decided to play a nasty joke on the people of the legit cannabis industry by withdrawing its protections for state-licensed marijuana businesses.In a memo Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions nu

The Least Hardcore Ways To Use Cannabis

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In doing our regular search for cannabis-related news on the internet, we ran across one we knew our readers would be dying to know more about: “Mandy Moore’s Secret to Making Heels More Comfortable” in Coveteur. Moore’s secret, it turned out, was cannabis. She told a reporter that she rubbed CBD oil on her feet to cushion t

Can Small California Farmers Stop The Coming Wave Of Mega Grows?

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Though Proposition 64 implemented measures to keep mega grows funded by venture capital and corporations out of the recreational cannabis market, a legal loophole might allow them to be formed through a back door. That’s why the California Growers Association (CGA), a trade group with more than 1,000 members, announced this week that it was s

Science of 710: School for Smart Dabbers

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Here’s the life of a THC molecule: born in a bud, cooked in a dab, smoked into your brain. The end. That little tasty molecule gives us so much every day. But, like, how? And why? Let’s go back to school and figure out how it makes the epic journey from being some seed in the ground to a chemical in your brain that dabs you the fuck out

Los Angeles About To Decide Zoning Of Weed Shops And Grows

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Legal recreational cannabis is just a little over a month away in the city of Angels, and you know what that means: a hell of a lot of bureaucratic red tape. On Tuesday the Los Angeles City Council will decide whether to adopt a series of provisions which would restrict pretty tightly where you can and cannot cultivate and distribute marijuana.As i

Do Saliva THC Tests Really Work?

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There’s a little controversy floating around in Michigan right now about the reliability of a newly implemented roadside saliva test. The Michigan State Police have begun to swab motorists suspected of being under the influence with the Alere DDS2, a portable device which uses mouth swabs and digital chemical analysis to detect narcotics such

Hemp Fields Expand Across Nation Into America’s Dairyland

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Look out, milk. The dairy farms of Wisconsin may have a new competitor for field space. America’s Dairyland joined the ranks of more than 30 other states Thursday when Governor Scott Walker signed a bill which permits the farming of industrial hemp, as reported by The Associated Press.The state Legislature had previously passed the bill unani

Niagara Falls Could Become New Cannabis Tourism Hot Spot

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About 30 million people visit Niagara Falls every year. They come for the falls, they come for the casinos, they come on their honeymoons. Even Superman and Lois Lane went there. But, hey, why not give tourists one more reason to come.At least that’s what some officials on the Canadian side of the attraction are thinking. Because soon enough,


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 1. Smoke everyday at 4:20 2. Grow Your Favorite Strain 3. Light More J’s With Your Friends 4. Make Your Munchies Healthier 5. Smoke With Family 6. Buy A Beautiful Piece 7. Roll A Blunt With At Least 10 Grams In It 8. Make Moonrocks 9. Perfect Your Magic Brownie Recipe 10. Take A Full Vaporizer-Bag In One Hit 11. Rip A 1 Gram Dab 12. Fin

Chris Christie Calls Cannabis Tax “Blood Money”

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The people, the incoming governor, and many lawmakers in New Jersey are pretty into legalizing marijuana in their state. Soon-to-be Governor Phil Murphy has vowed to pass a legalization bill, the state senate has already drafted a bill, and 59 percent of residents say they support the move, according to a September Quinnipiac University poll.So it

Ethanol and CO2 Removed From Volatile Solvent List In California

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While increasing regulation of California’s cannabis industry is creeping in with the dawning of legalization next year, extraction laws are easing up in at least one capacity. The Bureau of Cannabis Control changed its rule on volatile chemicals earlier this month, officially designating ethanol and CO2 as non-volatile solvents, as reported

UK Cannabis Oil Use Doubles In One Year

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Cannabis oil is getting almost as popular as tea and biscuits, or divorcing from the European Union over in jolly old England. According to reports from the Cannabis Trades Association UK and the Daily Mail, the number of Britons partaking of cannabis oil has doubled in the last year, from 125,000 to a quarter million.By their estimates, cannabis o

Rhode Island Dispensaries Worry Legal Massachusetts Bud Could Kill Their Business

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The more states legalize recreational cannabis, the less patients are likely to use their medical marijuana programs. At least that’s the worry of some dispensaries in Rhode Island, with recreational marijuana in neighboring state Massachusetts around the corner.One Rhode Island dispensary owner, Seth Bock of Greenleaf Compassionate Care Cent

11-Month-Old Dies In What May Be First Known Fatality Caused By Marijuana

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In a tragedy for one community and possibly a dark historical landmark for marijuana, an 11-month-old boy died from a heart condition that doctors found was likely caused by cannabis ingestion. If they’re right, it may be the first fatality caused by marijuana ingestion on record in the country.The boy’s death was reported over a year a

Oh No! Is There Snortable Weed Now?

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Gross history is about to be made at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, where THC Design Mix powder is going to be make its debut on the world’s marijuana stage. Snorting is not the intended use of the product--it’s a water-soluble powder designed to use as an infusing agent in beverages and food--nor would it likely w

Denver’s Hash-Off Pits Colorado’s Best Extraction Artists Against Each Other

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Hash oil competitions are nothing new. There are so many Cannabis Cups and Emerald Cups and Secret Cups and Chalices that a concentrates company barely has time to make any concentrate. Different companies bring their best shatter and crumble to some fairgrounds and judges compare somebody’s sour diesel to somebody else’s headband, whic

Robbers Posing As Cops Stole 500 Plants From Dispensary

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A Modesto area man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly robbing a marijuana dispensary while posing as a sheriff’s deputy. At least five more people involved in the incident are still at large.Because of legal restrictions, cannabis dispensaries have long had an exceptional vulnerability to robbery. Banking limitations force these businesses

Less Than One In Three CBD Extracts Have Accurate Labels, Study Says

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Last week the FDA sent out warning letters to four different CBD extract companies. The agency’s beef was that companies shouldn’t “illegally [sell] products” and claim that they “cure cancer without evidence to support these outcomes.” That seems reasonable enough, and those companies do seem more than a little

Cannabusinesses Need Armored Cars To Pay Their Taxes, Says CA Gov’t

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California’s Treasurer said Tuesday that the state’s best solution for safely collecting taxes on cannabis is a fleet of armored cars. In the new year, California will usher in what is expected to be the largest legal marijuana market in the nation’s history; it’s anticipated to grow to be worth $7 billion a year, as reporte

Epileptic Says CBD Extract Allows Him To Drive… And Race

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Not many people would advise driving under the influence of cannabis. Most states have some type of explicit law against driving while high (some against just having marijuana in your system), and there are more coming down the legal pipeline all the time. California, which already has a law against driving while lit, has just passed another law th

Legal Weed Could Spike Up 70% After New California Taxes Take Effect

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Let’s hope you California stoners been saving a little bit extra lately. If not, we might suggest a swear jar, a bake sale, or maybe a car wash, because you’re going to need to come up with something to keep up with the cost of legal weed in your fair state once new taxes kick into the recreational market January 1.According to a report

Maine Gov. LePage Vetoes Legal Weed Bill, Though Voters And Senate Are In Favor

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“It’s not easy to become a law, is it?” Depending how old you were or where you got schooling or your dope intake and its effect on your memory, you might or might not remember that Schoolhouse Rock cartoon that explained to kids (and a lot of adults) just how a bill gets turned into a law.The bill that is the topic of this articl

CBD Extracted From Hops To Hit Markets Soon

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A surprising twist just came into the story of cannabis technology. One company claims it has successfully extracted medically beneficial cannabinoids from a plant other than cannabis, and says it plans to put this extracon the market within the month.Isodiol, a research and product development group that focuses on cannabis, said in a late October

Report Claims Obama Spending Days Rolling Joints and Popping Edibles

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A new article claims that Barack Obama is spending his retirement from the Oval Office in a purple haze. According to a report from Edward Klein and World Net Daily, the ex-president now “spends much of his time at his home just blocks from the White House playing video games, chatting on the phone with celebrity pals, smoking marijuana and p

How Much Does It Cost The Government To Put Cannabis Users In Jail?

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A new report drafted by the Virginia State Crime Commission turned up some data on how much the state’s taxpayers are spending to jail cannabis users. The report, which was prepared to inform state lawmakers as they consider a proposed measure to decriminalize marijuana, said that Virginia taxpayers sometimes pay more than $10,000 a day to ho

Record High: Most Americans Favor Pot Legalization, Even Republicans

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News flash: support for marijuana legalization among Americans is now higher than your ass after that sixth dab last night. In other words, it’s now at a record high.That’s according to a Gallup poll conducted earlier this month, which surveyed more than a thousand Americans in all 50 states (plus D.C.). The figurative thermometer climb

THC Extract Used In Fish Farms To Chill Out Tilapia

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Scientists from the American University of Beirut gave tilapia THC extract to see if it chill them out a little.It seems that tilapia is a major commodity in the Nile river and farmers, needing to feed frenzied fish demand, are jam-packing their cages. Not surprisingly, conditions in these cages are no bueno, leading to higher disease rate, lower w

How Did Amazon Deliver 60 Pounds Of Weed By Mistake?

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Amazon Prime-happy consumers know that every once in awhile, even “Earth’s most customer-centric company” is capable of making mistakes. Though the company has a fairly good track record, every once in awhile a pair of shoes gets lost or the wrong size of iPhone case has to be sent back, or you know, they accidentally send you mor

The Pros And Cons Of Weed Decriminalization In Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia is the latest city in the country to decriminalize cannabis, as of a unanimous vote by the city council on Monday night. Possession of any amount under an ounce now warrants only a $75 fine. Possession is still a crime in the rest of Georgia, warranting up to 6 months in jail or $1,000 in fines.The decision was made to counteract s

You Got To Go Through A Lot Of Trouble To Buy Legal Weed In D.C.

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Gift exchange systems, over-priced T-shirts and coffee mugs, extravagant public gatherings with coded merchandise. This is the kind of shit you have to go through to legally “buy” or “sell” cannabis in the District of Columbia.Though the city legalized weed back in 2015, they only legalized the possession of it, not the sale

1 In 3 Teens Think Driving Stoned Is Legal

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A full 33% of teenagers think that if you’re in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, it’s legal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. That’s according to a new survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions).Last spring, 2,800 teenagers were surveyed on their know

NFL Takes Stand To Reshape Future Of U.S. Drug Laws

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Amid turmoil in the federal government over the future of federal drug policy, an unlikely force may be laying groundwork to alter the future of drug enforcement: the National Football League.Tom Marino, the guy President Trump nominated for national Drug Czar because of his experience as an agent of pharmaceutical lobbyists while serving as a U.S.

Concentrate Use On The Rise In California, Colorado, Washington

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Research in three different states shows a surge of cannabis concentrates sales. In a market that used to be dominated almost entirely by flower, experts are trying to figure out what’s behind the change, and where it’s headed.Two different analytics firms ran studies in different states, but came to basically the same conclusion. This

Which Fast Food Restaurants Do Stoners Eat At Most?

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Fast food has been a cornerstone of stonerdom since time out of mind. The drive-thru at a Del Taco is, for many potheads, an experience remembered as fondly as it is vaguely.But have you ever wondered which fast food joints cannabis users like best? Neither have we, but for some reason some researchers have spent a lot of time and energy tracking t

Hmong Immigrants Stake Niche In NorCal Cannabis Market

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For immigrants to the U.S., the business they’re in can be crucial, not just for economic stability, but for identity as well.When Hmong people first started migrating to the country in 1975, fleeing the communist takeover of Laos, many could find only jobs in unskilled labor: things like factory or custodial work. It was a long way from the

Al Sharpton: Medical Marijuana A “Civil Right”

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In a speech which called out the hypocrisy and racial inequality of the cannabis business, Reverend Al Sharpton called medical marijuana a “civil right.”Sharpton spoke Thursday at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in Boston.“Who would think that we are in the 21st century debating about whether we are going to co

Northern California Weed Crops Set To Take A Hit From Wildfires

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Wildfires of disaster proportions in Northern California are wreaking havoc on cannabis crops.As of Monday night, ten people are dead from the fires and more than 100 others are being treated for injuries. Not of least concern is damage to property, which will not only leave residents without homes but also severely hinder local industries. 1,500 s

Who Should Our New A-List Weed Celebs Be?

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Tuesday will see the home video release of Grow House, the new stoner comedy written and directed by DJ Pooh, the guy who co-wrote Friday and wasn't Ice Cube. It would be great if the movie was good or fresh or funny, but we have to confess that the trailer makes it look a little bit tired and a little bit cheap. It features, in a cameo, the r

Dabbing Terpenes May Release Unhealthy Amounts Of Toxins, Study Says

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Terpenes are like the herbs and spices of concentrates. They are what gives it flavor, and can affect the high too. But some terpenes may actually might actually make your concentrates way less healthy, according to a new study from Portland State University.When researchers tested the toxic level of terpenes cooked at various dab-like temperatures

5% Of All Arrests In U.S. Are For Cannabis

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What’s the biggest problem in American crime right now? Murder? Robbery? Rape? If you look at it in terms of how U.S. law enforcement spends its time, the answer is cannabis.More than 5 percent of all arrests in the nation are for cannabis, according to 2016 crime data released this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and reported by

Target Sold CBD Oil This Week, But Now It’s Over

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The barriers have been broken, the walls torn down. Cannabis products are now being sold by a big box retailer, the mark of legitimacy and normalization in the 21st century globalized world. Except… wait, now they’re not selling them anymore.On Thursday morning, CW Hemp announced that it’s hemp-derived CBD oil was being offered f

Hash Oil Manufacturers Persuade Peru To Legalize Medical Cannabis

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The Congress of Peru has voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in the country. The move marks a fast 180 in the nation’s medical cannabis policy.Since a publicized raid on a medical cannabis extraction lab earlier this year, lawmakers have proposed to decriminalize medical marijuana, and have now gone full measure to l

Could Hawaii’s Cashless Marijuana Market Work?

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Hawaii is making a bold move by creating the country’s first completely cashless marijuana market. As of October 1, the great state will mandate that all cannabis transactions be done using a debit payment app, according to a statement reported by the Associated Press.Hawaii’s motivation for the move seems pretty sound. Avoiding cash, o

California Governor Gets Bill To Limit Butane Sales

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Just in time to trip up California’s oncoming legal weed bonanza, a bill has landed on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk which could seriously complicate the legal manufacture of butane hash oil in the state.AB 1120 would, if signed, make butane legally akin to chemicals used in methamphetamine production. Sales would be limited to 600 millil

Legal Weed Takes Big Steps Back In Nevada and Massachusetts

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Last November, when four new states voted to legalize marijuana, it seemed like a big step forward for cannabis legislation. And it was, but ten months later, some of these states are having to take a little of little steps backward before they make that giant leap for mankind.Both Nevada and Massachusetts saw setbacks in their legal cannabis progr

What’s With The Netherlands’ Ban On Cannabis Extracts?

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The Dutch are practically synonymous with weed smoking. For generations, before the U.S. started to legalize the plant state by state, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, in particular) was the cannabist’s holiday destination of choice. Cheech and Chong went there. Vincent Vega and Ocean’s Eleven too.Even the word “dutch” has come t

Why Does Weed Make Music Even Better?

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Here’s a nice stoned thought for you. You probably already had it, but maybe it got lost between dab hits and Adult Swim episodes. Anyone who’s smoked (or dabbed or vaped, edibled or tinctured) a few times knows that music gets a little deeper when you’re under the influence.Or it’s more like it goes a little deeper. You see

Why Is It So Hard To Get Legal Cannabis Lounges?

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Weed aficionados started getting psyched earlier this week when Nevada’s Legislative Counsel Bureau released an opinion saying that the state has no law against private cannabis lounges where patrons would be free to smoke or otherwise imbibe cannabis products. There were no bills, no measures, no votes. The ruling simply said that current st

The Best SoCal Dispensaries Are Outside LA, Says New List

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Angelino stoners with discerning taste might need to get out of the city to find the best bud service, according to a new list from Leafly.The quarterly, regional list compiles consumer feedback given to the online weed encyclopedia. Then, of course, an algorithm compares the various dispensaries and, presto: you get a comprehensive list of the bes

Woman Claims Cannabis Oil Cured Her Of Brain Tumor

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A Scottish woman has made a full recovery from a deadly tumor and says it’s all thanks to cannabis extracts.In 2013, doctors diagnosed Lynn Cameron with stage four brain cancer and gave her 6 to 18 months to live. Despite the hopeless outlook, Cameron took combined surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, but these had no impact on t

Why Don’t Charities Want To Take Donations From Cannabis Companies?

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“The message was essentially you’re a drug dealer.” That’s what Organa Brands President Chris Driessen told Forbes when describing the response from charities to his company’s proposed donations.Organa Brands has had hella success in the last few years. They make the ubiquitous O.penVape and expand into other concentra

First Ever National Cannabis TV Ad Airs On CNN, Fox News, Beyond

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Cannabis has come a long way in this 21st century. It was only a generation ago that you could still get a decade of hard prison time for possession. And now you can see commercials for it in the same programming block as Tucker Carlson and “I’m Thinking Arby’s” ads.More precisely, you can now see a commercial for a weed law

Why Is Teen Cannabis Use At A 20-Year Low?

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Despite cannabis being legal, in some form, in over half the country, and legal for recreational use in eight states, use among adolescents and teens is at a 22-year low, according to a new federal study.The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health was released this week and the findings are interesting. The survey showed that the number of te

Trump’s Deal With Dems Is A Stay Of Execution For MMJ

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In the big old clusterbuck that is Washington, D.C. in 2017, Republican President Donald Trump made a surprise deal with Democratic leaders, and he probably didn’t even realize that deal is going to keep medical marijuana protected from the federal government for at least a while longer.The fun started on Wednesday, when Republican congressio

DOJ Using IRS For Shady Investigations Into Legal Weed, Lawsuit Claims

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A federal lawsuit claims the Department of Justice is conducting secret investigations of legal cannabis businesses, using IRS tax investigations as a front, as reported by The Denver Post.The IRS conducts regular investigations of marijuana businesses to preclude them from certain tax deductions. While most businesses can deduct expenses, business

Study: Don’t Smoke Weed Because Maybe It Makes You Walk Funny

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Researchers behind a new study claim that we should be careful about accepting cannabis into  society because there is a possibility that smoking it might make you walk funny.A new Australian article published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependencelooks at how your gait may change depending on whether you imbibe the weed.The scientists fro

Could Cannabis Extract Replace Anti-Anxiety Pharmaceuticals?

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One of the world’s leading business publications says that cannabis compounds could one day replace traditional pharmaceutical anxiety medication.While reporting on a recent study in Psychopharmacology, Forbes Magazine compared the benefits and risks of cannabis-based anxiety treatment with current anti-anxiety medication, finding that, &ldqu

This Is Why You Don’t Set Up Hash Oil Labs In Tornado Shelters

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All sorts of lessons can be learned from the explosion of a marijuana extraction lab in Timnath, Colorado. An explosion critically burned three people, including a 12-year-old child earlier this summer. Authorities are yet to say which solvents were involved in the blast, only that it involves hash oil manufacturing in an old tornado shelter.Michae

Could That Netflix and Weed Cross-Promotion Be Trend Setting?

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When Netflix unveiled official cannabis flower tie-ins to ten of its shows, the streaming service got a boatload of free publicity. Dozens (maybe hundreds) of local, national, and global news outlets ran the story.The media giant clearly knew its audiences. It knew it had a large contingency of stoner viewers and they chose the affiliated series ca

Do Strict Regulations Contribute To Butane Hash Oil Explosions?

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The State of Oregon has a problem. Illegal hash oil labs have been on the rise and so have the number of hash oil lab explosions and injuries resulting from them, to the alarm of state regulators.At least three people have died in extraction lab accidents this year, two from a recent explosion in Portland. Another asphyxiated in February when a bat

Congressmen Tell Sessions To Stop Blocking MMJ Research

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A bipartisan gang of congresspersons are finally banding together to tell this administration that enough is enough. Putting us closer to nuclear war with North Korea out of total ignorance wasn’t enough to draw their ire. Equating white supremacists with anti-racist protesters didn’t do it either. The straw that broke the proverbial ca

What Happens When You Take Weed Across State Lines?

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“When you think about it, what did I really do? I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants.” So says fictionalized drug smuggler George Jung as played by Johnny Depp in the 2001 film Blow.That’s what happens when you cross state lines with marijuana. Imaginary lines. A bunch of plants. Even if those plants are legal on bot

Why Are The Koch Brothers Fighting For Cannabis Rights?

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Charles and David Koch are known as bigwigs in conservative politics. The efforts of these extraordinarily rich brothers and their network have pledged nearly $900 million toward political influence and are said by Politico to have “an infrastructure that rivaled that of the Republican National Committee.”They spend hundreds of millions
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