Did Weed Save Kevin Smith’s Life Or Almost Kill Him?

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If you tuned into Kevin Smith on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday then you probably heard the life-affirming anecdote about his heart attack. Indeed, Smith looked happy to be alive, bouncing on the couch as he told Colbert of his seemingly rather pleasant brush with death and medical treatment.One major feature of the story was the incred

California Might Have Found A Workaround For Its “Dry Towns”

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California peeps who like to smoke did a little touchdown dance at the the beginning of this year, when the state unleashed its recreational cannabis program. One big catch, though, is that a lot of Californians still can’t readily access legal marijuana. In fact, Leaflyreports that 75% of communities in California ban cannabis sales thr

Cannabis Could Outsell Liquor By 2020

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We hope Jose Cuervo and Johnny Walker have been saving for a rainy day, because it might start pouring down in a couple of years, pouring weed that is. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) has released a report projecting that cannabis sales will overtake those of hard alcohol by 2020, according to The Globe and the Mail. Marijuana sa

No, Drug Dogs Will Not Be Killed If Weed Is Legalized

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It’s like Sophie’s Choice for stoner dog-lovers: keep weed illegal or kill hundreds of innocent dogs? The question was posed after several news outlets ran a story about the prospect of drug sniffing dogs in Illinois going out of work if the state legalizes recreational cannabis. As per The Week, Chad Larned, director of the Maron

World’s Biggest Bong Will Be 22 Feet Tall And Viewed For $4.20

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The eighth wonder of the world is coming to Las Vegas: the largest bong ever made by mankind. The 22 foot-tall sucker has to be shipped to Sin City from Seattle, and is made by an outlaw glass-blower who says the record-breaking work is a political statement.The bong will be featured at a new museum in Las Vegas, the Cannabition, an

Cannabis Ads May Increase Teen Use, Study Says

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Some people have feared that cannabis legalization might cause an increase in teen tokage, but it turns out that, for teen marijuana use, changes in public policy aren’t nearly as big as a factor as advertising. A study last year by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health actually showed that cannabis use among peeps aged 12 to 17 is actua

Nobody Knows Anything About The New U.S. Drug Czar

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A mystery has settled over Washington, D.C. The Office of National Drug Control Policy named its new director (a position commonly referred to as Drug Czar), and the new director is… some guy virtually nobody knows anything about. Jim Carroll was announced to the position of ONDCP deputy director on Friday, and will serve as acting director

Colorado Government Asks Its Stoners While They Like To Drive High

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With every other county, city, and state in the union changing marijuana laws every other day, and subjecting more than a hundred different populations to more than a hundred different cannabis regulatory systems, it’s always nice when a government decides to listen to its citizens for a minute about how they feel vis-a-vis weed laws.In Color

Virgina Gets Way More Permissive With Cannabis Oil Laws

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Virginia isn’t exactly the most swinging-est state when it comes to marijuana permissiveness. But what cannabis laws it does pass, it passes enthusiastically. In 2015, it passed a super-narrow medical cannabis bill that made it OK to possess CBD oil, but only for parents with epileptic children. The bill was very conservative, bordering on us

10,000 Vape Cartridges Seized In Interstate Bust

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Some community may about to see an inflation in hash oil cartridge prices, after 10,000 units of the stuff came into the position of the Nebraska State Troopers last Friday. Actually, to be exact, it was only 9,550 cartridges, estimated at a street value of $238,000, which was seized by troopers from a brand new 2018 Nissan Rogue.As reported by 9Ne

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