The Last Hash Bash?

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For the past 47 years, a marijuana rally has been held in Ann Arbor, Michigan where people come to ingest weed and advocate for legalization of cannabis. But this may be the last time that the “Hash Bash” happens, as voters are widely expected to legalize the drug for recreational use this November. This year’s bash was, therefore

Trump Promises Not to Touch Pot Programs in Cannabis Legal States

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The cannabis industry scored a major victory recently when Republican senator Cory Gardner-CO announced that President Trump had guaranteed that the federal government would not interfere with the marijuana markets in states where it is legal. Gardner was blocking federal nominees in the wake of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session&rsq

April 20 Means Big Business for Pot Retailers

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Many pot retailers have scrambled to stock their shelves in preparation for April 20, which is a sort of national holiday for cannabis users everywhere. Experts estimate that retailers could rake in over $1 billion from pot sales prior to and during the holiday. This date, which has long been held sacred by potheads as a day to band together in pub

How the Code Phrase "420" Got It's Name

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The number “420” has become synonymous with marijuana and is rapidly permeating American culture. But how did it achieve this distinction? The answer lies in the adventures of five teenaged boys, a member of the Coast Guard who went rogue, a lucky connection to the music group The Grateful Dead along with some weed. Potheads have used t

The Emotional Effects of Medical Cannabis Have Allowed it to Spread Nationwide

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The state of California first legalized cannabis for medicinal use almost 20 years ago. Since then, medical marijuana has spread to 29 states plus the District of Columbia, with nine of those states also allowing marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. Today the cannabis business has bloomed into a billion-dollar-a-year industry,

Many Employers are Dropping Cannabis Testing

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It is harder for employers to find good employees today than it has been in nearly 20 years. Factories, hotels, retailers, restaurants and other types of businesses are scrambling to maintain an adequate workforce and carry out their operations. This trend has led to a key change in policy for many employers: they no longer require their prospectiv

Breaking Down the Health Risks of Marijuana

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Proponents of marijuana use may claim that the drug is only minimally addictive, but the 2018 Global Drug Survey indicates otherwise. The survey contains detailed questions about the respondent’s drug use and was taken by over 130,000 people in over 40 countries around the world. And despite the fact that cannabis is considered to be one of t

Why Pot Prices are Plunging

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The marijuana industry has transformed itself from a backwards, fringe movement supported primarily by stoners and potheads into a profitable, mainstream sector that has enormous growth potential. In 1995, marijuana was illegal to use in any capacity in every state in the Union. Since then, nine states plus the District of Columbia have legalized p

Major Growth Ahead for Marijuana-Related Jobs

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The explosive growth in the legal cannabis industry means new companies, more venture capital coming in, and, of course, a lot of new jobs related to developing, growing, harvesting, marketing and selling cannabis-based drugs and products such as oils, waxes and edibles. One source has estimated that the number of jobs in the marijuana sector

Trade Your Wine for Weed

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If you’re a wine enthusiast, then you may want to consider trading your wine in for cannabis. The cannabis industry is planning to take on the beverage industry by storm, and Rabobank, one of the largest banks in Europe stated that many drinkers, especially women who watch their weight may switch from wine or beer to cannabis-infused beverage

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