Rhode Island Dispensaries Worry Legal Massachusetts Bud Could Kill Their Business

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The more states legalize recreational cannabis, the less patients are likely to use their medical marijuana programs. At least that’s the worry of some dispensaries in Rhode Island, with recreational marijuana in neighboring state Massachusetts around the corner.One Rhode Island dispensary owner, Seth Bock of Greenleaf Compassionate Care Cent

11-Month-Old Dies In What May Be First Known Fatality Caused By Marijuana

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In a tragedy for one community and possibly a dark historical landmark for marijuana, an 11-month-old boy died from a heart condition that doctors found was likely caused by cannabis ingestion. If they’re right, it may be the first fatality caused by marijuana ingestion on record in the country.The boy’s death was reported over a year a

Robbers Posing As Cops Stole 500 Plants From Dispensary

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A Modesto area man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly robbing a marijuana dispensary while posing as a sheriff’s deputy. At least five more people involved in the incident are still at large.Because of legal restrictions, cannabis dispensaries have long had an exceptional vulnerability to robbery. Banking limitations force these businesses

Denver’s Hash-Off Pits Colorado’s Best Extraction Artists Against Each Other

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Hash oil competitions are nothing new. There are so many Cannabis Cups and Emerald Cups and Secret Cups and Chalices that a concentrates company barely has time to make any concentrate. Different companies bring their best shatter and crumble to some fairgrounds and judges compare somebody’s sour diesel to somebody else’s headband, whic

Oh No! Is There Snortable Weed Now?

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Gross history is about to be made at this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, where THC Design Mix powder is going to be make its debut on the world’s marijuana stage. Snorting is not the intended use of the product--it’s a water-soluble powder designed to use as an infusing agent in beverages and food--nor would it likely w

Less Than One In Three CBD Extracts Have Accurate Labels, Study Says

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Last week the FDA sent out warning letters to four different CBD extract companies. The agency’s beef was that companies shouldn’t “illegally [sell] products” and claim that they “cure cancer without evidence to support these outcomes.” That seems reasonable enough, and those companies do seem more than a little

Cannabusinesses Need Armored Cars To Pay Their Taxes, Says CA Gov’t

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California’s Treasurer said Tuesday that the state’s best solution for safely collecting taxes on cannabis is a fleet of armored cars. In the new year, California will usher in what is expected to be the largest legal marijuana market in the nation’s history; it’s anticipated to grow to be worth $7 billion a year, as reporte

Epileptic Says CBD Extract Allows Him To Drive… And Race

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Not many people would advise driving under the influence of cannabis. Most states have some type of explicit law against driving while high (some against just having marijuana in your system), and there are more coming down the legal pipeline all the time. California, which already has a law against driving while lit, has just passed another law th

Legal Weed Could Spike Up 70% After New California Taxes Take Effect

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Let’s hope you California stoners been saving a little bit extra lately. If not, we might suggest a swear jar, a bake sale, or maybe a car wash, because you’re going to need to come up with something to keep up with the cost of legal weed in your fair state once new taxes kick into the recreational market January 1.According to a report

Maine Gov. LePage Vetoes Legal Weed Bill, Though Voters And Senate Are In Favor

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“It’s not easy to become a law, is it?” Depending how old you were or where you got schooling or your dope intake and its effect on your memory, you might or might not remember that Schoolhouse Rock cartoon that explained to kids (and a lot of adults) just how a bill gets turned into a law.The bill that is the topic of this articl

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