Ganja Gourmet Food

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If old scrolls and history books tell us anything about cannabis it’s that long before it was part of religious rituals, cannabis was used for food. Those bulbous seeds were roasted and consumed for a quick snack. But for thousands of years, the marijuana meal remained almost stuck between roasted seeds and tasteless and unappetizing-looking

Aussies, Marijuana, And Mental Health

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The use of cannabis to calm down anxiety, agitation, and other mental issues has been common for a long time. About two hundred years ago British doctors discovering cannabis sativa for the first time were so excited about it they practically prescribed it for every health condition they encountered. They described the calm

The Top 4 Things to Expect from A Good Budtender

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It is not easy being a successful budtender. It is, in fact, harder than most people tend to think it is. And the chances are that you will rarely walk into a cannabis dispensary or shop and get a budtender who you can say meets all the qualities that you are about to read below. There are some bad budtenders, mediocre, ignorant, arrogant

Use These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients on Cannabis Treatments to Choose Strains

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It is not uncommon for budtenders to encounter scenarios where customers or patients approach them for advice on which strain they recommend. Most of the patients and customers alike will always have symptoms of their ailments which they clue to the budtender who can then easily discern the best strain. At other times, a patient may only indicate t

Sorry Athletes, Marijuana Negatively Effects Athletic Performance.

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This is a typical schedule of a college athlete. Exhausting, I know. I followed this schedule for many years. With daily demands such as these, it is no surprise that athletes seek the benefits of cannabis.6:00 AM                       &nbs

How To Roll A Perfect Cross Joint: A Step By Step Guide

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The cross is not only important to Christians, it’s also meaningful to us stoners. In fact, it’s the pinnacle of joint-rolling.Made from two joints that burn at three ends, it’s a fun and unique way of smoking weed that’s been a great party trick for years. It’s got more popular in the last few years thanks to a memora

5 Overhyped Cannabis Strains Revealed

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By now, you probably already know that cannabis comes in many different strains. And these strains each offer varied effects to its consumers. This is where you find that the consumers of the herb prefer some strains over others based on the diverse preferences in aroma, flavor, effects, personal past experiences, provenance, and even strain r

The Top 5 Cannabis Cookbooks for Your Homemade Edibles

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There always comes those times when you want nothing more than to nibble at the ready-make cannabis-infused snacks and cookies. Even gallop down the drinks or the desserts to switch up your mood. But what do you do if you are looking to get something a bit more substantial and more affordable? Well, the kitchen is the one place where you

Capitol Hill Smear Campaign Against Cannabis Stymies Federal Adoption of Marijuana Legalization

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Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill could mean imminent danger for the continued legalization of marijuana in the United States.               According to, the Trump administration has assembled a team of federal agency leaders whose sole purpose is to railroad the continu

The Best Cannabis PreRolls you Can Enjoy In California

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When it comes to smoking cannabis, the canna enthusiasts cannot hide their admiration to the weed prerolls especially to those who can’t roll their own joint.The canna prerolls are easier to use, they are ready to be smoked, already prepackaged and can easily be shared among cannabis smokers. They are the best cannabis package to carry, the s

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