Can Small California Farmers Stop The Coming Wave Of Mega Grows?

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Though Proposition 64 implemented measures to keep mega grows funded by venture capital and corporations out of the recreational cannabis market, a legal loophole might allow them to be formed through a back door. That’s why the California Growers Association (CGA), a trade group with more than 1,000 members, announced this week that it was s

Science of 710: School for Smart Dabbers

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Here’s the life of a THC molecule: born in a bud, cooked in a dab, smoked into your brain. The end. That little tasty molecule gives us so much every day. But, like, how? And why? Let’s go back to school and figure out how it makes the epic journey from being some seed in the ground to a chemical in your brain that dabs you the fuck out

Los Angeles About To Decide Zoning Of Weed Shops And Grows

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Legal recreational cannabis is just a little over a month away in the city of Angels, and you know what that means: a hell of a lot of bureaucratic red tape. On Tuesday the Los Angeles City Council will decide whether to adopt a series of provisions which would restrict pretty tightly where you can and cannot cultivate and distribute marijuana.As i

Do Saliva THC Tests Really Work?

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There’s a little controversy floating around in Michigan right now about the reliability of a newly implemented roadside saliva test. The Michigan State Police have begun to swab motorists suspected of being under the influence with the Alere DDS2, a portable device which uses mouth swabs and digital chemical analysis to detect narcotics such

Hemp Fields Expand Across Nation Into America’s Dairyland

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Look out, milk. The dairy farms of Wisconsin may have a new competitor for field space. America’s Dairyland joined the ranks of more than 30 other states Thursday when Governor Scott Walker signed a bill which permits the farming of industrial hemp, as reported by The Associated Press.The state Legislature had previously passed the bill unani

Niagara Falls Could Become New Cannabis Tourism Hot Spot

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About 30 million people visit Niagara Falls every year. They come for the falls, they come for the casinos, they come on their honeymoons. Even Superman and Lois Lane went there. But, hey, why not give tourists one more reason to come.At least that’s what some officials on the Canadian side of the attraction are thinking. Because soon enough,


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 1. Smoke everyday at 4:20 2. Grow Your Favorite Strain 3. Light More J’s With Your Friends 4. Make Your Munchies Healthier 5. Smoke With Family 6. Buy A Beautiful Piece 7. Roll A Blunt With At Least 10 Grams In It 8. Make Moonrocks 9. Perfect Your Magic Brownie Recipe 10. Take A Full Vaporizer-Bag In One Hit 11. Rip A 1 Gram Dab 12. Fin

Chris Christie Calls Cannabis Tax “Blood Money”

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The people, the incoming governor, and many lawmakers in New Jersey are pretty into legalizing marijuana in their state. Soon-to-be Governor Phil Murphy has vowed to pass a legalization bill, the state senate has already drafted a bill, and 59 percent of residents say they support the move, according to a September Quinnipiac University poll.So it

Ethanol and CO2 Removed From Volatile Solvent List In California

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While increasing regulation of California’s cannabis industry is creeping in with the dawning of legalization next year, extraction laws are easing up in at least one capacity. The Bureau of Cannabis Control changed its rule on volatile chemicals earlier this month, officially designating ethanol and CO2 as non-volatile solvents, as reported

UK Cannabis Oil Use Doubles In One Year

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Cannabis oil is getting almost as popular as tea and biscuits, or divorcing from the European Union over in jolly old England. According to reports from the Cannabis Trades Association UK and the Daily Mail, the number of Britons partaking of cannabis oil has doubled in the last year, from 125,000 to a quarter million.By their estimates, cannabis o

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