The Coming Age of Cannabis in Canada

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The nation of Canada is rapidly approaching a historic moment. In July of 2018, the government plans to legalize the use of marijuana nationwide for both medical and recreational use at the federal level. Canada will then become the first Group of 7 (G7) country to do this. The Trudeau administration has decided to end the prohibition of the substa

Marijuana Market on Pace to be Bigger than Liquor Market in Canada

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The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE:CM) recently released a report that shows that the marijuana market in Canada could soon outpace the liquor market. This report carries a great deal of weight with investors, as CIBC is one of Canada’s “Big Five” banks. The report issued by the bank is very bullish on marijuana stocks,

Medical Marijuana Bill Dies in Missouri Legislature

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Missouri lawmakers elected to table a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state two days before the end of the session. This move effectively puts the issue in the hands of Missouri voters in November. If the bill had passed, Missouri would have become the 30th state to legalize marijuana for medical use. Now other stat

Cannabis-Based Epilepsy Drug on Verge of Approval by the FDA

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Researchers are just beginning to explore all of the possible medicinal uses of marijuana. It has shown itself to be effective at treating a number of conditions ranging from PTSD and epilepsy and other neurological disorders to loss of sleep and appetite. Twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia now allow for the use of

Female-Led Cannabis Companies

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March has been officially designated as Women’s History month, and March the 8th now marks International Women’s Day, where women will be celebrated and cherished around the globe. And now, women are starting to make their mark in the cannabis industry. Female “potrepreneurs” have forged ahead in a largely male-dominated ind

The Benefits of CBD

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Scientists are just now beginning to understand the myriad of benefits that CBD can provide. In states where it is now legal, CBD can be found in skin creams, gummy candies, waxes, oils, balms and other edibles. CBD is a cannabinoid, a distant relation to THC, the substance in cannabis with the psychoactive agent. Users of this compound claim

Smoking Pot Together May Help to Reduce Domestic Violence

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ther similar studies had centered exclusively on alcohol, and that this was both a potential cause and effect from acts of IPV.Study ResultsAfter the 9 years of marriage had elapsed, the study revealed several key discoveries. But the key conclusion of the study was that cannabis used lower the level of domestic violence. The study stated that &ldq

Another Major Breakthrough in Cannabis Research

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Those who are true believers in cannabis claim that it can fix almost anything, from sleeplessness to depression, neurological disorders and even diseases such as cancer. At this point, it's hard to tell what the drug can really do for people because there isn't enough research available to allow for definitive conclusions. But Sunrise Ge

Will Missouri Legalize Cannabis?

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Jim Neely, R-Cameron is sponsoring a bill that would allow for the medicinal use of marijuana in a smokeless form for terminally ill patients in the state of Missouri. His background in the healthcare field, coupled with the fact that his own daughter died of cancer led him to introduce the bill. “It's for people who are terminal to

The Political Response to Trump's Anti-Cannabis Stance

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When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the ban on the federal government that prohibited it from enforcing marijuana laws in states where it has become legal, the reaction by many politicians was vehement, even among Republicans. Many GOP leaders are facing a tough uphill battle for reelection this year, and this issue has become a majo

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