Major Pharmaceutical Company to Partner with Domestic Cannabis Producer

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There has been a major development in the cannabis industry recently. Tilray, an affiliate of Privateer Holdings and a major producer of cannabis in the United States has announced that it is partnering with Sandoz Canada, an affiliate of Sandoz International. The parent company constitutes a division of Novartis Group which produces generic pharma

Two Cannabis Studies Draw the Same Conclusion

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Cannabis has shown itself to be a viable alternative to dangerous, addictive opioids and an effective painkiller in its own right in states that have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana. But marijuana can do more than simply treat opioid addiction; it can actually reduce the number of opioid prescriptions that are dispensed by doctor

Cannabis can Relieve Every Type of Pain

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Cannabis has quickly become the drug of choice for those who suffer from some form of physical pain, especially in states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. There are three main categories of physical pain as classified in the medical community:Nociceptive painNeuropathic painCentral pain (there&rsqu

States Seek a Meeting with Jeff Sessions

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Under the Obama Administration, the government made history by allowing each state to determine the legality of marijuana for legal or recreational use. The administration inserted a clause in federal laws prohibiting the DEA from going after marijuana in states where it is legal. But this policy has been reversed by the Trump Administrat

Former NFL Player Delves into Cannabis Research

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The NFL made the statement near the end of July in 2017 that they would offer assistance to the NFL Player’s Association with research into the use of marijuana to relieve pain for injured players. This marks a major change in policy for the league, as the NFL has previously been adamantly against the players’ use of cannabis

Trump Extends Protections for Medicinal Marijuana Users

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President Trump signed a bill last Friday that prevents another government shutdown and extends the federal protection that was allocated to medicinal users of marijuana and their providers. Those in this category can breathe much easier knowing that the DEA or other law enforcement agency won’t be knocking on their doors. Trump said that the

IRS Blocks Creation of Nonprofit Cannabis Entities

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Since the beginning of 2018, the IRS has been quietly stonewalling the inception of nonprofit associations in the cannabis industry. More specifically, it has blocked the creation of qualified 501(c)6 entities. It has not revoked this status for associations that have already been established, but it will not permit new ones to form at this point.

Talk About Cannabis With Your Kids

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The explosive growth of the cannabis industry is largely due to society’s changing attitude towards the substance, which is proving itself to be quite valuable for medicinal purposes. However, cannabis also still damages the development of the brain in young people, and parents need to be aware of this possibility when setting boundaries with

California Drug Raids Highlight Lingering Problem

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When California voted to legalize recreational marijuana, it led to the creation of the largest licensed and regulated cannabis marketplace in the world. Unfortunately, this market has a long way to go before it will largely supplant the unlicensed and unregulated market that still exists in the state. A series of raids by federal agents near Sacra

Fake Urine May be Outlawed

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The rampant growth of opioid use and abuse in the U.S. combined with nine states legalizing recreational marijuana has created many problems for users who are required to pass drug tests on a regular basis. Many user have tried in times past to pass these tests by using someone else’s urine, drinking gallons of water or with the use of herbal

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