Weed Hangover And Other Health Problems

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After a night of toking and bong-kissing, you wake up with the mother of all hangovers. Your eyes can’t focus and your head is about to split open. Is it the weed? No, it’s dehydration. You forgot to drink water. So next time plan well in advance. Drink a lot of water both before and after you toke. Staying hydrated is the best way to a

4 Safest Companies For Your Cannabis Investment

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In case you haven’t been following the news lately, marijuana legalization will become a reality in Canada within two months. It’s also the law of the land in 60% of the US. As an investor, this can only mean one thing: invest in cannabis and invest heavily. That should go without saying, right? After all those cannabis companies both w

The 6 Best Cannabis-Infused Cookies on The Market

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The world we have today has had many American teenagers growing up exposed to all kinds of drugs. And a big old cookie with a glass of milk ranks high up on the list. Cannabis-infused cookies have taken over the market without any need of an invitation. And the fact that you have clicked this link confirms it.It is for that reason that we have comp

The Three Best Aromatic Cannabis Strains in Oregon

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Cannabis has amassed itself a large following and you find more and more consumers of cannabis popping up from all parts of the world. As a cannabis consumer, all cannabis is supposed to be good cannabis. But even so, from experience, you must know by now that different cannabis strains produce different effects and feelings to the consumers. Plus,

6 Brilliant Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis Other Than Smoking It

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Most first-time cannabis smokers can safely admit their first experiences were not at all what they anticipated. What with the burning throat, the inability to know the amount of smoke to pull or pretty much every other rookie attempt.Those sure were the days. Even so, it is true that not everyone likes to smoke. Especially the ones with compromise

How Long Does CBD Take To Work?

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As the second most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis, CBD offers a wide range of health benefits. And it’s so effective that many people are using CBD to replace traditional medications like painkillers, antidepressants and sleeping pills.People who are new to using CBD, however, can be intimidated by the sheer amount of information and advic

The 4 Types of People you Will Meet at a Cannabis Dispensary

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The cannabis dispensary is a new scene for most of us. You will be shocked how many different kinds of people go in and out of these dispensaries looking for some goodies. Could make you wonder just what types of people visit these canna dispensaries on a daily basis. Maybe you could take the opportunity and hop into y

Medican Enterprises Inc (MDCN:OTC) Acquires 35% Equity Stake In A Premier Jamaican Marijuana Company

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Medican Enterprises Inc. (MDCN:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has acquired a 35% equity stake in a Jamaican, multi-dimensional, nutraceutical that focuses on providing the best medical marijuana and hemp products for individuals seeking alternative medicine for healing. It was one of the first to be issued an approval to cu

5 Reasons to Want to Grow Your Cannabis

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Come to think of it; home cannabis cultivation has evolved a great deal from way back in the days of total prohibition. The current days have more states and even the Washington DC offering better forms of cannabis cultivation provisions. And thanks to the internet you have a pool information from successful growers of cannabis that will guide on t

Various Signs and Symptoms of Weed Use and Addiction

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Cannabis is one of the most abused drugs in the world. This drug is also known as marijuana or weed, and it is usually smoked using a mixture of shredded leaves, stems, and even flowers. Eventually, when used excessively, addiction to weed can occur.When you use cannabis, it alters the central nervous system which results in a feeling of

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