Study Shows CBD May Treat Psychosis

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It turns out that CBD isn’t just good for epilepsy and making quick money online. A new English study shows that the second most famous compound in cannabis may also be useful in treating psychosis.Psychosis, in case you were wondering, is a symptom of several severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. It involves hallucinations, delusion

Why Is There Suddenly A Frenzy Over Pesticides In California Weed?

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Today on the newswire, a whole lot of news services picked up the Associated Press article, “Buyers beware: California cannabis sold Jan. 1 could be tainted,” and ran it. The same story ran in The Cannabist, the Press Democrat, and many others (ABC even ran their own riff on the headline, “Burners beware.” Get it?).The odd t

Could The End Of Net Neutrality Spell Trouble For Cannabis Businesses?

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In case your internet has suddenly gotten too slow to keep up with recent news, the FCC last week repealed net neutrality, a series of regulations which have long kept the small oligopoly of internet providers in this country from totally screwing over internet users by charging more for some content, slowing access to certain websites, and blockin

Mexico OK’s Import Of Medical Extracts, Edibles

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Things are about to get even hotter at the Mexican border, drug trafficking-wise. It’s not because the cartels are upping their monthly shipments (although, who knows, maybe). It’s because Mexico is about to start letting all kinds of weed-infused products come in from outside the country.Starting next year, the country will legalize th

Pregnant Women Are Increasing Their Use Of Cannabis

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The weed market may have found a new niche in the pregnant women category. This may be problematic, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that that marijuana by a mother could cause developmental problems and low birth weight for the unborn children, though the results are as yet inconclusive, but all that hasn’t stopped

Here’s A List Of What Stoners Googled Last Year

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Big brother is watching you, bro. He’s watching you as you search for things about weed. Why? We don’t know. But we do know that a quick look at Google trend charts by Polly Washburn of The Cannabist turned a whole mess of data on what kinds of cannabis-related search Americans made in 2017.We know, for instance, that Americans still us

Big Highs And Some Lows As California Legalizes Cannabis

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As of January 1, California went full cannabis legal. Anyone 21 and over can now legally possess up to a an ounce of marijuana, grow their own, and sell it in limited quantities, just so long as they have the right license. And maybe now California will be called “The Golden State” not for the rocks we dug up a couple hundred years ago,

Want To Go To Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Resort?

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Mark this down on your New Year’s Resolutions list: go to Mike Tyson’s getaway cannabis ranch. All you have to do is drive to the remote desert town of California City (a little over 100 miles from Los Angeles), wait for the Heavyweight Champion of the Moon to actually build and open the resort, and then pay an as yet unknown fee to get

Weed Is A Little Less Legal After New Memo From AG Jeff Sessions

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One step forward, two steps back. Just three days after the biggest legal cannabis market in the world opened in California, the federal government has decided to play a nasty joke on the people of the legit cannabis industry by withdrawing its protections for state-licensed marijuana businesses.In a memo Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions nu

The Least Hardcore Ways To Use Cannabis

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In doing our regular search for cannabis-related news on the internet, we ran across one we knew our readers would be dying to know more about: “Mandy Moore’s Secret to Making Heels More Comfortable” in Coveteur. Moore’s secret, it turned out, was cannabis. She told a reporter that she rubbed CBD oil on her feet to cushion t

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