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1. Smoke everyday at 4:20

2. Grow Your Favorite Strain

3. Light More J’s With Your Friends

4. Make Your Munchies Healthier

5. Smoke With Family

6. Buy A Beautiful Piece

7. Roll A Blunt With At Least 10 Grams In It

8. Make Moonrocks

9. Perfect Your Magic Brownie Recipe

10. Take A Full Vaporizer-Bag In One Hit

11. Rip A 1 Gram Dab

12. Find The Best Album To Get High And Listen To

13. Perfect Your Joint Rolling Technique

14. Make New Friends To Toke With

15. Go On A Dope Road Trip With Your Friends

16. Find The Ultimate Late-Night Munchie Restaurant

17. Smoke The Strongest Weed You’ve Ever Smoked

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