The Different Ways to Smoke and Consume Cannabis

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When you think about how to consume cannabis, you think more about its delivery method. You find that most people tend to overlook this point. And that most consumers of the product only use just one or two delivery methods for their products. But there is a myriad of ways with which you can smoke and consume cannabis. You just need to do a little

End of July Update Concerning Development of PTPWallet and CannaSOS

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Work on PTPWallet continues to progressThe unique algorithm for the referral program, which would take 3 months for any other company to develop, has been fully developed by us in 1 month.The algorithm for the loyalty program has been also fully developed, all screens and features have been developed; now the backend developing is being d

Invest in Cannabis and Retire YOUNG!

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  The American dream is a delusion for millions. College loan debt is inescapable, and those high-priced college degrees do not guarantee an even rate of return on one’s investment in the job market. Home ownership seems like a distant reality for many who cannot afford the 20% down payment. Entry level job positions and recipr

What Is CBD Oil And What Are Its Benefits And Effects?

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CBD oil is fast becoming a cultural phenomenon. The cannabis-derived product is the talk of the wellness world. And with good reason. A number of studies are showing CBD to have potent anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and anti-seizure effects. Thanks to this and numerous anecdotal reports, CBD is being touted as an effective natural treatm

Nationwide Medical Marijuana Will Seriously Deflate Profits of Big Pharma. The Revolution has Begun!

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In an article I wrote on August 2, 2018 titled Suffer with Pain NO More! I discussed the relentless attack by Big Pharma to prevent the nationwide adoption of marijuana at the state level for medical cannabisintervention. Currently, “The pharmaceutical industry has a stranglehold on pain relief and these corporations

Marijuana Perfume, And Other Health Advice

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This summer brought us more than legal weed. It’s also the summer of weed perfume. We’re not talking about weed aroma you smell on your buddy who smokes like a chimney. This is legit perfume extracted from the green plant, bottled and sold under the label “the smell of summer”. This was bound to happen, right? What

Cannabis And Your Biological Age

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You might have heard this before. But there are people who swear by marijuana and how it slows down one’s biological clock. But it’s not THC that makes you look younger. It’s CBD. CBD has a lot of therapeutic properties. However, whether slowing one’s biological clock is one of them is yet to be proven. As we all k

What Is Holding The Canadian Cannabis Market Back?

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Say what you like about Bill C-45 and the local laws and regulations that each province enforces, the fact is the Canadian cannabis market lacks one crucial aspect that might prove detrimental of its future on the long run. I’m talking of course about marijuana genetic diversity or lack thereof. In other words, the cannabis producer

Weeding Through the Cr*p! A Simplified Breakdown of a Scientific Study Supporting the use of CBD

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The abundance of academic knowledge provided on the internet is a goldmine of learning potential. If a person is interested in gardening tips and ways to cultivate nutrient-rich soil, YouTube will provide educational videos detailing the exact process as to how to have a lavish garden full of roses blooming by the spring.    &nb

Marijuana, Food And Your Metabolism

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One of the biggest mysteries of marijuana is how it gives people the munchies but they don’t seem to gain weight. With all the food they gobble after smoking a few joints that food doesn’t seem to turn into fat inside their bodies. So what gives? The answer in one word is metabolism. Studies show that certain chemicals in marijuana incr

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