LA County Dismisses 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

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The Los Angeles County District Attorney has announced the dismissal of 66,000 cannabis convictions.The move marks a high-profile effort to reverse the negative effects of the drug war. In that capacity, the announcement is a clear success, but some have criticized its intentions for being geared more toward politics than social justice.In the dism

Washington Bill Would Limit Extract To 10% THC Potency

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Lawmakers in Washington State have proposed a bill that would effectively wipe out most of the state’s THC concentrates. The move, which would dramatically affect the state’s legal weed industry, suggests a lack of basic knowledge of cannabis use, and could even negatively impact public health if passed.House Bill 2546 proposes that the

Washington D.C. Could Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms This Year

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more surreal in our nation’s Capitol Hill, residents in Washington D.C. could soon get a chance to decriminalize magic mushrooms and other organic psychedelics.The initiative would affect all fungi and plants that naturally produce the chemicals ibogaine, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), mescaline,

Biden Now Says Weed Should Be “Basically Legalized”

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Joe Biden might be missing the old days right about now. Just a few short years ago he was the kindly jokey sidekick to a beloved president and about to ride off into the sunset while Hillary Clinton carried on the work of his administration.Now, as a presidential candidate, he’s been facing one controversy after another, as well as the confu

Cannabis Giant Aurora Slashes 500 Jobs, Boots CEO

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Aurora Cannabis, one of the weed industry’s largest and most visible companies, announced a major restructuring on Thursday. The company is cutting roughly 500 jobs, slashing expenses, and booting its CEO.The drastic move is in response to an industry which has performed far below expectations after cannabis legalization in Canada and other m

Tennessee Man Lights Up Joint During Weed Hearing

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It’s unclear if he did any good, but one pro-cannabis advocate in Tennessee just got himself in a whole lot of news headlines.Spencer Boston, 20, was in the middle of a hearing over simple weed possession and disorderly conduct when he turned a courtroom into some cross between a performance art stage and a smoke sesh.Boston used his day in c

Real Gross Drug Dealer Put Away For Selling Rat Poison-Laced Synthetic Weed

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While Chicago is in the midst of birthing its regulated legal cannabis market, the city is also putting away what might be its grimiest weed dealer.Fouad Masoud has been sentenced to seven years for selling K2, a “synthetic cannabis” from his convenience store.K2 is nasty stuff all on its own, being known to cause a range of horrific si

Illinois Sees Weed Shortage After Booming Legal Debut

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Illinois is running out of weed! The state just legalized cannabis on January 1 and, as is often the case for newbie states, it is having some growing pains as it gets used to its brand new booming market.The good news is that, as far as concentrates and edibles, Illinois is doing just dandy. It’s only that old fashioned green flower that&rsq

Trump Budget Proposes Opening Legal MMJ to Interference From Justice Department

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Wuh-oh! President Trump has laid out his fiscal plan for 2021 and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. The proposal includes: cutting assistance for struggling families and students, spending lots and lots of money on the border, and letting federal agencies waste lots of money on fighting legal medical marijuana.Currently, a federal rider prot

Amsterdam Could Ban Foreigners From Buying Weed

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Amsterdam used to be the destination for the world’s stoners. One of the only major cities which allowed visitors to buy weed legally, it was the first home to the Cannabis Cup and attracted 420-friendly visitors from all corners of the globe.With the legalization explosion of the last five years in the United States and Canada, Ams

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