Nominees Will Get Free Edibles At This Sunday’s Oscars

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Like almost every other person on Earth, you probably won’t watch the Oscars this weekend. The overlong awards program has been getting historically bad ratings the last couple of years, and Sunday’s show is already mired in a shitstorm of debacles, including their fairly embarrassing loss of a host, and several public backlashes to pro

Illegal Cannabis Could Still Make Up 72% Of Canadian Weed Sales This Year

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Canada made world history last year when it became the first world power to legalize cannabis. But somebody should have told Canadian stoners that, because it looks like most of them are still calling their black market dealer.The black market is projected to dominate the white in Canada’s first full year of sales, according to data from Scot

Eaze Report Says Female Cannabis Consumers Doubled In 2018

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Look out, boys! Women are going to smoke all your weed. At least, that is one take away from a new study of cannabis consumer behavior from Eaze, the “Uber of weed” super popular app that allows you to order weed to your house with one hand while hitting the vape with the other.And Eaze ought to know. Those fools have a database of 450,

Barneys And Neiman Marcus Catering To The Rich Douchey Stoner In All Of Us

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Soon you’ll be able to pick up some fire wax while taking your mom to pick out a new blouse. The next frontier in the wild and crazy world of weed concentrates may be its most boring yet: the department store.A few years ago, if you were lucky you might be able to score a dime bag off a Sbarro’s cashier in the food court. Or maybe you w

How’d All That Lead Get In Your Vape Cartridge?

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A recent report from Leafly found that there might be a problem with lead in vape cartridges in California. This is a problem because lead is, you know, poisonous.The Center for Disease Control notes that “No safe blood lead level in children has been identified” and that “Lead exposure can affect nearly every system in the body.&

Free MMJ Cards For Veterans, Says Florida Senator

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Florida is going from zero to sixty in its medical marijuana policies. While the state has been notoriously lame on its medical marijuana policies in the past, all that is looking to change in 2019.One sweeping change being proposed to the state’s MMJ regulation comes from State Senator Gary Farmer (no relation to the beloved Canadian actor).

Denver Could Get Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms

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After helping to start the legalized cannabis trend, the city of Denver might try to stick its toe into legalizing psychedelics. The Elections Division of Denver has announced that a measure to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms will be on the city’s ballot this May.The measure comes from Decriminalize Denver, a group dedicated to the specifi

Do Bisexual Women Really Smoke More Cannabis?

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This week Leafly published an article questioning why data shows a correlation between bisexuality in women an an increased likelihood for cannabis use.“Three times more than other communities, with 38% of bisexual women reporting using cannabis compared to just 20% of lesbians and 5% of straight women,” the article says.In looking at t

Cops Seize 7 Tons Of Weed, But No One Can Tell If It’s Legal Or Not

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It’s a head-scratcher fit to ponder over a bonghit. Police in Idaho seized nearly 7,000 pounds of a certain plant off a semi truck at a weigh station last month. State police say that plant is defined as marijuana because it tested positive for THC, which would make at an illegal controlled substance. However, the owners of the plant, the Col

Willie Nelson To Sell You Some ‘Spensive Weed Coffee

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At 86, the Red Headed Stranger himself, Willie Nelson, still has a few tricks up his sleeve. The latest trick: selling you coffee at the price of $36 for an 8 ounce bag.Of course, that’s not just any coffee. They say beans are the magical fruit, but these coffee beans are even more magical than usual. They’re infused with CBD.The produc

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