1000x Square Envelopes - Single Foil Print Regular Finish - 2x2 inch

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1000x Square Envelopes - Single Foil Print Regular Finish 

Size: 2x2 inch

Shatter Labels marijuana concentrate packaging Square Envelopes are a great and cost-effective way to package your product, such as wax, shatter, pressed rosin, and so on.

Shatter Labels custom printed square envelopes are made of high quality regular paper with single foil printing.  We currently offer a vast variety of foil colors. You can go with the standard Gold/Chrome Inks, or contact us for a Swatch catalog to see more foil options.   

When used with parchment paper, these envelopes can assist in keeping wax concentrate from getting damaged or contaminated before commercial use.

Our designers will help you to create an eye-catching envelope design free of charge to make it stand out and help you elevate your cannabis brand and increase brand awareness in the cannabis market.

Once you place your order online or over the phone at 1-800-585-9509 our designers will get in touch with you immediately!   


If you have any questions,  please contact us directly via phone to discuss your options at  1(800)585-9509 or email us : [email protected]


We offer FREE design services with your order!

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