1000 Retail Ready Full Vape Tank Battery Packaging for Clear Oil by Shatter Labels

$ 795.00

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Retail Ready Full Vape Pen Battery Packaging for Clear Oil for by Shatter Labels


Dimentions: 1.3" x .6" x 6.6"


Shatter Labels Retail Ready (RRP, or Shelf Ready Packaging, SRP) vape pen packaging helps manufacturers and retailers get their products to consumers faster. Our Shatter Labels retail ready vape pen battery box can be easily opened and displayed, they are perfect fit for a dispensary or any retail environment.
Shatter Labels Vape Tank Battery Packaging includes a paper insert to insert your vape pen into.

Our designers will help you to create an eye-catching design free of charge to make your packaging stand out, help you evaluate your cannabis brand and increase brand awareness in the cannabis market.

$0.795 each x 1000 = $795

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